A Conversation Starter



Our company is expanding into several Bay Area communities and we would like to have a conversation with you.  These are our first thoughts on how our relationship with you and your team might work.  It is meant as a conversation starter.


  • All your data remains yours and yours alone.
  • All your emails and CRM files remain yours and yours alone
  • All of your clients are yours and yours alone
  • If you ever leave, and we hope that never happens, all of your non-pending deals will be released to you, and the pending deals will be paid on your current commission structure at close of escrow
  • OPTION FOR NO FEES BEYOND COMMISSION SPLIT – all are paid by Windermere Bay Area Properties
    • No E&O Fee
    • No Tech Fee
    • No Marketing Fee
    • No Doc Prep, Doc Storage, Doc Management, No Archival Fees
    • No Digital Lead Generation Fees
    • No CRM / Digital Drip System Fees
    • No Office Admin Fees
    • No Office Supply or Equipment Fees
    • No cost to you for In-house Transaction Management
  • No mandated third party vendors (like Title/Escrow, NHD, Warranty, Lender)
  • Optional Online Lead Program Available

Ask us about:

  • Option for Personal Team dba.